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20 mai 2015

Men’s Department in Nyamirambo Assemblies of God
Who we are : Men’s Department in Nyamirambo Assemblies of God are known as “ABAYOBOZI BEZA” which means Good Leaders for they expected role to leader their families into Godly and Christian life of prayer, worship, word of God and spread the Gospel in their communities.

Our purpose : The purpose of Men’s department is to know God and make him known. Men’s department activities focus on the study of the Word of God and evangelism through cells and outreaches in collaboration with other departments and Assemblies of God churches.

Background : Men’s Department in Kinyarwanda our name is “Abayobozi Beza” started in 1995 with less than 10 men and have grown to more than one hundred active men involved in different church’s activities and ministries organized in different cells or zones according to their areas of residence.

Organization : Currently there are 11 zones meeting on a weekly or fortnightly basis, sharing the Word of God, testimonies, praise and worship and studies on different spiritual and Christian life topics helping them to become good leaders of their families and grow spiritually, socially and economically.

Zones are led by a committee of 3 members ; President, Secretary and Treasurer.
The committee is in charge of organizing zones meetings, zones mobilization for church programs, planning and coordinating bible studies, families gathering, social activities, training and follows up of new believers and reporting to Department committee.

Our activities : In order to achieve our objective of knowing God, make him known and leading our families into Christ centered life we organize following activities :
• Meeting to study and share the Word of God, testimonies, prayers and worship,
• Evangelism and follow up of new believers,
• Communion, celebrations, mutual support in hard times,
• Take care and support of widows and orphans,
• Mentorship and preparation of your men for their weeding,
• Support of new churches through evangelism and contribution in their development and building projects.

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