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Youth Department

20 mai 2015

Youth in Nyamirambo Assemblies of God
Who we are (Our Values)
We are “Christ Ambassadors” (CA). We are born again ; we know the authenticity of being born again and recognize the benefits of being filled with the Holy Spirit as Ambassadors for Christ. We shall ever strive to be loyal to God and to our church, reverent to God and to his house, obedient to God and to our parents (pastors), zealous for the salvation of others, regular in prayer and the study of the word of God, faithful in our tithes and offerings, pure in mind, heart and body, consistent in our examples and work. To this end, our every action shall be ruled by a friendly attitude and inspired by a Christian love for we are Christ Ambassadors.

Our purpose
“Here we are, then, speaking for Christ, as though God himself were making his appeal through us. We plead for on Christ’s behalf : let God change you from enemies into his friends !” (2 Corinthians 5:20)

Christ Ambassadors Department is the Youth ministry in the Nyamirambo Assemblies of God Christian church. CA started operating in 1998 gathering all young people attending Nyamirambo Assemblies of God in order to put their efforts together so as to bring their contribution to the holistic development of the church in whole.

The basic entity of the youth department structure is called “CELL”. As of now, CA is composed by 8 cells according to places where church members are located. In addition to cells, we also have Girls ministry called “ABABEREWE” and Boys ministry called “ICYITEGEREREZO”. Secondary school students and DRAMA Team are also teams that are under the governance of CA.

CA is governed by an executive committee composed by 7 members namely : president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, girls’ counselor and boys’ counselor.
Each cell also has an executive committee to organize all activities in cells.

Our Objectives and Activities (What We Do and How We Do It)
In order to reach our vision of being exemplary Christ Ambassadors, we operate through five objectives :

• Bringing people to Jesus through evangelism in places where CA members live and through outreaches especially in rural areas and secondary schools.

• Training and mentoring through discipleship. This is achieved by doing group bible study, bible quizzes and trainings on different topics targeting spiritual growth, social, family foundation issues, economic development, etc.
• Prayers : once a week during the day and overnight prayers once a month

• Fellowship through the same cell members and through cells partnership where members from more than one cell meet so as to study the word of god together, eat and drink, practice some sports and sometimes organize evangelism together. We also organize picnics, sports, etc. for all youth at least once a year.

• Worship and praise through crusades and concerts led by praise and worship team, drama team and sketch team. We also invite personal singers or teams from other churches to join us in praise and worship.

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