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Praise and Worship

21 mai 2015

Worship Team

Who we are : Worship is a key part of services in Nyamirambo Assemblies of God. A ministry that brings people near God ; connects people to God and lead them in time of prayer and meditation.

We lead the congregation in all services to sing for praises, to dance for the Lord and be thankful for what he has done, but also worship God as the only God and love Him with all our mind, strengths, wisdom and means.

Our goal : is to see the congregation connected to God and God’s people are growing in their relationship with Him, and are equipped in a way they can even continue to worship Him in their home or outside the church

What we do :
• We lead services in time of prayer, worship and praises ;
• We write songs ;
• We organize crusades for worship and praise ;
• We visit other churches to support the ministry of worship ;
• We train new members who join us in singing and worship ;
• We cultivate the culture of a family among us.

Contact us :
Jeanne : 0788484695

Promise and Mission choir

Who we are : Promise and Mission choir do evangelism through songs.

Calling : We have been called to reconcile people with God, comfort those who are suffering, encourage discouraged people. We do all in writing related songs and perform.

Our focus : Evangelism, especially in new local churches in rural areas

Albums : We have two Albums : a visual album produced in 2011 and an audio Album produced in 2013.

Contacts : Jean Paul
Tel : 0788525910/ 0738525910

Drama team

Who we are : We are part of worship and praise that use dances and signs. We have been called for that and we mainly focus on youth but we perform for the whole congregation.

Our calling : when we dance and use signs, it is an opportunity for us to use our gifts to serve God, and ensure that we are evangelizing to youth and let them know as youth we can serve God in our ways. We value what we do because we feel God will reward us. (Ecclesiastes 12 : 1)

When we do it :
• We normally meet during holidays for practice on Mondays and Thursdays from 9:00.a.m to 11.30 a.m.
• We perform in special services or during crusades

The Ushers Team

Who we are : Ushers is a team of men and women who have been called to serve in church as servants. (1 Timothy 3 : 8-16).

What we do :
• Welcome all people who come to church and facilitate them to get seated ;
• Welcome visitors and orient them during service time ;
• Provide information to new people who come to church when we are during service ;
• Ensure that there is order during services ;
• Facilitate in time of offerings ;
• Ensure that there is order and security during services

Other activities :
• Time of prayers each second week of the month ;
• Evangelize to people and actions of love ;
• Social activities among us.

Contact us :
Aimable : 0788531065

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