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5 juin 2015

Social Ministry
The purpose : Serving one another, care for the needy among us is one of key area of the Ministry of the church. A church has been called to serve people holistically, and the church has also been called to serve the needy around them and to teach people to do so.

Galatians 2 : 10 : “All they asked was that we should continue to remember the poor, the very thing I was eager to do”.

What we do :
• Specifically serve orphans grouped in “Abakunzi Family” and other vulnerable children. In collaboration with youth department and “Abakunzi Family” we serve cases of orphans who need special attention.
• We care for elders and women who are afflicted and rejected. In collaboration with women department, needs of these people are given a special attention and they are being cared for.
• We care for other cases that departments advocate for when there is urgent need to meet.
• We also do outreach for sick people in hospitals, we care for emergency cases, and we visit orphans and other oppressed people with the leadership and collaboration of specialized ministry- Life Center.

How we do them :
Our local church is organized as a family set. Each member is encouraged to join a department : men, women, and youth. Those departments are also organized into small groups : cells and zones : see each department
Then each member is cared by his neighbors and close friends who love, care, counsel and support.

They also advocate for the person if the need is greater than what they can handle. “There were no needy persons among them” (Acts 4:34a).

Life Center
Our purpose : John 10:10b : “I have come that they have life, and have it to the full”.

Background :
Life center was created in 2008, by church leaders to ensure that members are getting developed holistically : spiritually, socially and economically, mainly focusing to the needy and those who need great care than others. The first initiative was to teach women who are quite vulnerable to wave baskets for generating income, and the ministry grew to support orphans and other people who are in need as well as outreach with social support that have spiritual impact, and the Glory is given to God.

Our partners :
• Church members
• Missionaries
• Friends of the church

What we do :
• Business development : teach and mentor in small business development.
• Help vulnerable groups to work together to better their future : we offer technical guidance, moral support and financial support and help those groups of people who come together to start income generating activities.
• Social ministries : outreach, visit orphans and support them with school fees, support elderly people and care for the sick at CHUK Hospital (clean and clothe abandoned sick people, feed them and help to pay for pending bills)
• Emergency response : we provide support when there is disaster (eg. case of returnees from Tanzania)

Long term vision
Create a center that help people to get restored and evangelize those who are not evangelized and disciple them holistically.

Contact us :
• For detailed information : Clemence at 0788306750
• If you want to stand with us : our account number is 0028874-05-09 of Assemblies of God/Life in whole at I & M Bank (former BCR).

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