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“We do not stop praying, we just get started !” Pastor Annet Rwabikinga

27 novembre 2018

On Sunday 25th November 2018, the Church ended the forty days of prayer and fasting, when she was speaking to the congregation, Pastor Annet Rwabikinga noted that it is a mark of beginning.
“We do not stop praying, we just get started ! The forty days of prayer and fasting were just a mark of beginning.” Uttered Pastor Annet.

During the forty days which started from 15th October this year, the church had been taught about the Holy Spirit and His works. They had been preached about the role of the Holy Spirit in Christians’ daily lives, the transformation he brings for them.

Various preachers such as Pastor Leonard Msemwa from Tanzania, Ev. Charles Gahungu, Ev. Vincent Safari, Ev. Albert Mabasi, Annet Mukamazimpaka Rwabikinga and Pastor Evariste Rwabikinga : the Host ; did encourage the Church to long for the Spirit to be truly transformed Christians.
During this period of Praying and fasting, many Christians at the church kept witnessing that they got moved by the Word of God.

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